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I forgot/lost my username.
Your username is usually the email address you used to set-up your account. If you have tried different emails and still are unsuccessful, contact us. When filling out the contact form please make sure to provide your name, your mailing address and your date of birth to verify that it is your account. Upon receiving your email you will be emailed your login information.

I forgot/lost my password.
To retrieve your password, go to the Password Retrieval page, enter your email address and then click Get Password. An email with your password will automatically be sent to the email address that is associated with your account.

How do I change my login information (email and/or password)?
To change your login information login to your account, go to My Profile and then select the Preferences tab. For your safety, when you change your email or password you will receive an email alerting you of changes made to your account.

Is the information I provide on Next Top Athlete safe and secure?
Next Top is committed to protecting your personal information and uses the latest technologies to ensure your safety. Athletes are given privacy controls which can be access by going to My Profile and then selecting Preferences. This allows athletes to restrict their profiles, photos, videos and blog posts to only registered college coaches and recruiters.

How do I delete my Next Top Athlete account?
To delete your Next Top Athlete account login, go to My Profile and then select the Delete Account option on the right navigation bar. Keep in mind that by deleting your account you forfeit any payments you have made on that account and will no longer have access to Next Top Athlete's recruiting tools or the information you have previously provided.

If you are deleting your account because you have finalized your plans to attend college use our Committed Athlete feature. This allows your profile to be removed from the recruiting database, and be added to the Committed Athletes section. All you need to do is login to your account and go to My Profile and click on the Preferences tab, then change your account status to committed.


I'm thinking about registering as an athlete, what does it cost and how will it help me get recruited for college?
Next Top Athlete is the largest online network connecting high school athletes to collegiate coaches. As an athlete it will allow you to create a profile, search for scholarships and find a college that is right for you. The network is 100% FREE to join, but you also have the opportunity to gain the competitive edge and receive additional recruiting tools for a one-time fee. To learn more about Next Top Athlete and other details on how this network works. Visit the Why Register page.

Does registering with Next Top Athlete violate NCAA regulations?
Registering with Next Top does not violate NCAA regulations. The majority of the responsibility about when coaches can contact you lies on the coach. To get more information about the different recruiting regulations speak to your high school coach and/or visit the Prospective Student-Athlete page of the NCAA website.

I'm thinking about upgrading my account to Platinum, what exactly do I get?
To upgrade and learn more about a Platinum account visit Platinum Upgrade. There you can get more information about the added features and value.

What forms of payment can I use to pay for a Platinum account? Is it safe?
Next Top Athlete encourages you to use a method of online payment, so you don't have to wait to use the Platinum Tools.

I haven't been notified of any coaches viewing my profile. What do I need to do?
Don't worry if you haven't been added to any coaches' list of potential recruits. This isn't the only indicator of how many coaches have viewed your profile or how many coaches are interested in your ability. Each coach uses the Next Top Athlete network in a different way - saving profiles, printing profiles, using automatic notifications, creating athlete databases and many others. If you are wanting to know all the coaches that have viewed your profile Upgrade to Platinum Account, which will give you the opportunity to access a list of all the registered coaches that view your profile. Another great tip is to get proactive and start contacting the coaches that you are interested in.

I noticed that some coaches have added me to their list of potential recruits. What does this mean?
It's always exciting to see that a college coach has expressed interest in your profile. Coaches can add you to their list of potential recruits for a variety of reasons. This allows coaches to track your profile and monitor your progress. Make sure to continue to update your academic and athletic information as you improve as a student-athlete.

I'm having difficulty uploading my photos and/or movie clips. What could be the problem?
Depending on your internet connection speed uploading files can take a bit of time. When you are uploading photos make sure that they are one of the following file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg. If you are experiencing difficulties with uploading your movie clips your file needs to be below 300MB, if it is larger you will need to edit that clip. Next Top Athlete supports the following file types: .avi, .mpeg, .vmv, .mpg, .mp4, .3gp, .dv, .qt, .asf, .mp3, .wav, .wma, .qcelp, .amr-nb, .movieclip, .mod, .3g2. Recently many users have been experiencing difficulties with .mov and .flv video files, if you are trying to upload one of these types please convert the file to one listed above. Should you continue to have difficulties using these features contact us.

My scores and stats don't do my abilities justice, how can I show coaches what I can bring to their program?
There are a variety of ways for you to showcase your abilities to college coaches. First, make sure to fill out your profile thoroughly with complete descriptions in the Additional Information areas. This provides you with an opportunity to explain to coaches your talents, potential, desire and skills that stats don't show. Additionally, uploading photos and highlight video is a great way for coaches across the country to evaluate your ability.

I've been recruited. How do I delete/remove my information from your website?
Congratulations! Now that you've committed, you can let all of Next Top Athlete's coaches and athletes know by logging into your account and going to My Profile, clicking on the Preferences tab and changing your account status to committed.

Updating your account will remove your profile from the recruiting database, add you to the Committed Athletes section and give you an opportunity to be featured in your local newspaper. It also helps the Next Top Athlete Team know what features can be improved upon, so the network can become even more successful for future athletes.


I'm thinking about registering as a college coach, what does it cost and how will it help me recruit athletes?
The Next Top Athlete network is 100% FREE for college coaches and is a great way for you to recruit athletes. A variety of recruiting tools exist that break any geographical limitations you may currently have. Evaluate athletes through the profiles that include: academic information, athletic statistics, photos, video and blog posts that let you know their recent achievements.

Does registering with Next Top Athlete violate NCAA regulations?
Registering with Next Top does not violate NCAA regulations. As a college coach you if you have any questions about this network or recruiting timelines for your division of competition please contact your Compliance Department or visit the Eligibility & Recruiting page of the NCAA website.

How do I search for athletes?
To search for athletes in your sport login to your account and go to Athlete Search tab. Fill out the form to find athletes that match your criteria, the more information you include the more specific your results. You can always learn more about athletes by clicking on their name, which opens their profile with more detailed information. If you are interested in following an athlete's progress add the athlete to My Search. Your list can be accessed at anytime by clicking on this tab.

Is there a way for me to find out about new athletes that register with Next Top
Next Top's Automatic Notification System enables coaches to receive instant, email notifications of all athletes who register that meet your criteria. Once a qualified athlete registers that meets your team's needs, you will receive an email alert informing you of the new athlete and providing you with a link to view their profile. To add or update your notification settings, simply login to your account and click on Notifications option.

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